How can I send a document by regular post?

  • You can send your documents on a memory stick, a CD or a DVD via or by the post, addressed directly to Mediapart.
  • Our address is: Mediapart, 8 passage Brulon, 75012 Paris, France.
  • Please note that we will not return any document that we receive, and no exception will be made of this rule.
  • It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you also complete the submission process indicated below. You will be given a reference number (‘submission number’) which also guarantees your anonymity. You are required to copy this number onto a piece of paper and which you must include with the documents that you send. That number will allow us to enter into contact with you. Please ensure that you yourself retain a copy of that number and the name that is provided with it.

To send a document by regular post:

Your password dedicated to this operation (please ensure that you retain this password):
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